Zodiac signs prone to mental illness

Your health is strongly related to your zodiac sign. The most important root cause of each and every disease is in your past. However, the root of these physical and psychological reasons are also somewhere in the past life because you received a particular psychological and physical composition due to your past life closing status. There are 12 zodiac signs. You have born in any one of these zodiac signs. Find your zodiac sign according to your date of birth from the table given below and know the health problems written below the table which are related to that particular zodiac sign.

People born under the sign of Aries are very undisciplined about their eating habits. They are very anxious to do everything without a proper planning. They prone to diseases related to mind, cerebrum, cerebellum, upper jaws, facial bones, etc. Other problems are:. People born under the sign of Taurus have a sensitive throat.

These people like rice, potato and the food which are rich in carbohydrate. They are prone to diseases related to. They like to eat snakes, chips, etc. They feel like to eat in small quantity but frequently. They usually like to see Television or read books while eating. They are prone to following diseases:. People born of the Cancer Zodiac sign like liquor and sweet both a lot, but they suffer from the calcium deficiency.

These people prone to following diseases:. These people fond of consuming water frequently which is good for health. They are disciplined for their diet. They have weak willpower too. They have a frequent feeling of appetite. These people should avoid fried and spicy food items in order to keep their heart healthy and strong. People born under the Virgo Zodiac sign have a slow metabolism. Therefore, they have strong tendency to gain weight.

However, they are very conscious about their health and diet, but even then they may suffer from following diseases:. They should avoid too much eating and fat contents and increase milk, curd, etc. People born under the sign of Libra zodiac sign like sweets much, but still, they are very conscious of their weight. They like food fragrance as well as tasty food. These people prone to following health problems:. People born of the Scorpio Zodiac sign feel stress a lot.We live in a world where our environment is surrounded by mentally ill people.

Just as each of us have some physical health issues, no flawless human psychology can exists too. Therefore, it has been very common for people to be diagnosed with specific mental disorder. Even one of your friends, you or someone from your family member might have one of those mental disorders.

But could these be linked to zodiacs we possess?

zodiac signs prone to mental illness

Yes it might be. Each zodiac has different and dominant characteristics. If some of these characteristics be excessive, it may result with a mental disorder.

They have a unique perception and are too skeptical. Additionally, Aries signs perceive, interpret the world and everything that happens inside of it differently according to themselves. In time, they may get away from reality; which means they are more prone to have schizophreni c or anti-social disorders in future.

We all know how emotional Taurus signs are. At the same time, we all know how suddenly they can turn into an anger cube.

3 Ways You Sabotage Your Mental Health, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

They get irritated if they cannot overcome their emotions. Therefore, Taurus signs are prone to depression or even borderline personality disorder. Excessive sentimentality and sudden mood changes can be a psychological problem for them if they are constantly experienced.

Gemini signs are known with their sociability and activeness, but excessive amount of this may turn into a psychological problem. They may have attention problems because of not paying enough attention to anything. Gemini signs are more prone to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

At the same time, most of the Gemini signs have learning problems, especially dyslexia. The basic need of Cancers are love, acceptance and the need to belong. They seek attention and cannot stay in a place where he cannot attract attention.

They are too emotional and may experience psychological problems as a result of frustration. Consequently, Cancers are prone to have a hysterical personality disorder. Leo signs are prideful and feel like they are perfect. They fight until they achieve the best. Some Leos see themselves superior to others without being aware of the damage they cause to their surroundings.

It is linked to narcissistic personality disorder. Mental disorder in which Virgo is prone to is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Because Virgos are very detail and order oriented, excessive amount of this can turn out to a thought and behavior obsession.

Libras seek for balance and conformity. Sometimes that may experience emotional imbalance. If this unstability becomes frequently experienced, they can be prone to bipolar manic depressive disorder. The basic need of a Scorpio is the completion impulse.Also, i'm wondering how many different parts of your astrological personality traits there are? I known 3 schizophrenics. My childhood friend of 13 years who is a Scorpio.

My brother who is a Virgo. And a guy who use to like me, but never dated, an Aquarius. Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that knows no race, sex, or status. In other words, anyone can get Schizoprenia. It usually comes on in adolescense and there is no known reson why some people get it and others don't. Although mind altering drug use and having a family history of schizophrenia increases your chance.

zodiac signs prone to mental illness

I don't think your zodiac sign has anything to do with Schizophrenia or any other illness for that matter.

If your over weight your chances of getting diabetes will be high regardless of your sign. Same with smoking or being born Autistic. Neptune is associated with all the mental illnesses. Neptune rules Pisces. So Pisces is the 1 sign.

What Does your Zodiac Sign Say about Your Health?

Scorpio is second, though no official association exists to mental illnesses I think it's just the fact Scorpio deals with darkness and we're humans that can be mentally broken under too much stress - and Scorpio is associated with extremes as well. When it comes to serious things like disorders you'll need a lot more than an abundance of planets in one sign.

You'll need hard aspects from planets that fit whatever disorder you're talking about. Those are the most important ones. Been in health field for about 25 years had a doc friend who ran a mental Hosp he said about sixty percent were aquarian.

He says he could never say anything but felt it was because they think so deeply and live in their minds. I know no will agree with this all can say is what I was told. My childhood best friend was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia 2 years ago. Her Mercury and Venus are also in Virgo Capricorn decan. Western astrology doesnt go that deep,you need vedic astrology.While addictions are something we all deal with, every addiction is a symptom of a larger problem.

Whether what we seek is connection, approval or inner peace, every sign in the zodiac comes with its own set of problems.

Creepy Things About You According To Your Zodiac Sign

The addictions listed below are really just symptoms of those problems. Obviously addiction is a serious topic, and hopefully no one ever has to deal with a serious problem with substances.

If you asked an Aries what frustrates them most about life, they'd tell you that it doesn't go fast enough. They're the babies of the zodiac, the youngest sign, and like toddlers, their personalities are a confusing mix of over-confidence and neediness.

Cocaine works to exacerbate their already inflated sense of self-importance and gives an Aries the illusory sense of moving faster than everyone else. The paradox is, of course, that it isn't until an Aries is willing to slow down and face problems with determination and patience that they ever get anything done.

Remember that patience and determination that Aries lacked? Taurus has plenty of it, almost to a fault. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which endows them with a great deal of patience sometimes translating to lazinessas well as an appreciation for all things sensory -- taste, touch, smell, etc. You might think MDMA would be the easiest drug for a Taurus to get addicted to, but because of how lazy they are, it's unlikely they would go to the trouble of finding it.

The most fitting addiction for a Taurus is food -- simply because of it's accessibility. They are slow-movers who do not appreciate being put out of their way. They don't have the kind of ambition that a crack or meth habit would require, because you can't get those delivered to your front door. When Geminis want to avoid their feelings or the present moment, the most characteristic way for them to do so is through some form of compulsive communication.

I'm not talking deep-digging intellectual conversation that plumbs the depths of the soul; they need a conversational jungle gym. They need to be able to roam from one topic to another -- maybe circling back to their original point, maybe not. Social media works in coordination with this feature of a Gemini's personality all too well, and some studies show that Facebook can be more addictive than booze. Social media also supports Gemini's tendency toward a dilettante lifestyle: doing many things, but never really diving too deep into any of them.

Gemini would benefit from cultivating self-discipline by taking breaks from the Internet entirely and channelling their pursuit of mental stimulation by doing something that promotes concentration, like reading. Cancer is a sign associated with the mother and the home. Cancers are an extremely moody sign, and like any water sign, when they are in distress, they will retreat from the outside world. Cancers' favorite place to retreat happens to be their homes, where they derive most of their comfort, like crabs to a hole in the ground.Any one of us can suffer from mental illness depending on life circumstances, but some people are especially prone to it.

Psychoses are mental illnesses that have existed as long as the humans have. Throughout history, they were interpreted in various ways: that the ill have been possessed by the devil or some force, that it's the result of a sin, that it's been brought on by bad behavior.

Still, each of us can become ill from mental illness, depending on life circumstances. Psychosis takes away realistic view from the person who is ill, of themselves, the environment, they change opinion, feelings, behavior. The weakest part of an organism are head, brain, eyes, nose, jaw, bloodstream, heart, kidneys and reproductive organs.

The Aries waste energy uncontrollably, they are prone to injuries, inflammations, infections, mainly acute diseases accompanied by high temperature and bad blood results. For these people it is characteristic that due to stress or long aggravation, they easily lose their hair. Aries should avoid fattening food and strong spices, and in the treatment they should use natural remedies, herbs and teas.

They recover faster in nature, in the fresh air, by the sea or water of some kind. Parts of the body that are most at risk are shoulders, hands, fingers, lungs, clavicle, nerves, and secondary glands and brain.

They are prone to bronchitis, asthma, various neuroses, inflammations of brain and gallbladder. They fear the least signs that might indicate the illness, which makes it worse and it can lead to hypochondria. In their diet they shouldn't pay special care to quantity nor quality, they just need to bring in more order, not skip meals or eat between the meals as Gemini often do Cancer is born gourmand, so his stomach and digestive organs are often at risk.

His lungs, ribs and liver are sensitive too. He is strongly influenced by the environment and especially emotions, so he easily becomes ill of illnesses typical for the region in which he lives.

zodiac signs prone to mental illness

He is prone to rheumatism, tumors, gastritis, depressions or hysteria and all hereditary diseases. They should reduce starch, fat, sweets and chocolate in their diet, and except fruit, it is better to have their food boiled. He recovers the best in the mountain air, surrounded by his loved ones.

He reacts well to all kinds of treatment. Lower parts of legs, ankles and wrists are sensitive, brain, heart, bloodstream, lymph nodes, nerves and airways. Characteristic illnesses are all those that are related to problems in blood vessels, capillaries, and anemia, poor binding of oxygen in the blood, migraine, then skin diseases, neuralgia, nervous and mental illnesses and carcinoma.

Their diet must be stronger and better with more meat, vitamins, minerals, and meals should be regular. They react well to herbs and homeopathic remedies. During the recovery they shouldn't be exposed to sudden changes in temperature, efforts, not even walking.

The most useful things for Aquarius is relaxation and sleep. Advice provided by the daily horoscopes or articles should not ever take the place of psychological, or medical advice. Website Horoscope Daily Free takes no liability, or responsibility for any actions any visitor chooses based on advice in the content.

Changes in the patient sometimes begin suddenly but are usually gradual. Here are the zodiac signs that are most at risk: 1. Aries The weakest part of an organism are head, brain, eyes, nose, jaw, bloodstream, heart, kidneys and reproductive organs. Gemini Parts of the body that are most at risk are shoulders, hands, fingers, lungs, clavicle, nerves, and secondary glands and brain. Cancer Cancer is born gourmand, so his stomach and digestive organs are often at risk. Aquarius Lower parts of legs, ankles and wrists are sensitive, brain, heart, bloodstream, lymph nodes, nerves and airways.

The astrologer who got it all right: Read what awaits us.Schizotypal people are seen and typically see themselves as having such unusual thoughts and behaviors that widespread social acceptance is nearly impossible. If Ne were doing its job, it would remind the user to continue experimenting to find a new approach.

These Are The 3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Have A Personality Disorder

If Fe were doing its job, the ISFJ would learn that some risk is necessary in order to uphold obligations to others and avoid living in total solitude. Deep down, these types really do want social connection and ritual Febut have found themselves so poor at it that they simply give up trying. Individuals with Schizotypal Personality Disorder experience interpersonal relatedness as problematic and are uncomfortable relating to other people.

Although they may express unhappiness about their lack of relationships, their behavior suggests a decreased desire for intimate contacts. As a result, they usually have no or few close friends or confidants other than a first-degree relative.

Often scarred by some intensely negative past experience with opening up too many of their private emotions, this type compulsively avoids social situations and interaction with others.

They are fiercely sensitive and may exaggerate or misconstrue perceived negative emotional intent in the words or actions of others. They will sometimes project their negative feelings onto others Fias Si tells them that if I were to behave this way, I would have to be very upset, so anyone who behaves that way must also be.

These types often have a chronic problem with trusting the intentions or motivations of others, refusing to share private information with even their closest friends and family. The major problems associated with this disorder occur in social and occupational functioning. The low self-esteem and hypersensitivity to rejection are associated with restricted interpersonal contacts. These individuals may become relatively isolated and usually do not have a large social support network that can help them weather crises.

They desire affection and acceptance and may fantasize about idealized relationships with others. The avoidant behaviors can also adversely affect occupational functioning because these individuals try to avoid the types of social situations that may be important for meeting the basic demands of the job or for advancement. They simultaneously desire to control and dazzle others with their extraordinary leadership and grandiose performances.

This combination, ironically, makes the user extremely dependent upon others for meaning, never really finding a sense of internal balance, no matter how hard he works to create and delegate. While Te leads these types to desire structure and discipline, Ne continually contradicts it by insisting on impulsive displays of creative freedom.

Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder may have a pattern of undermining themselves at the moment a goal is about to be realized e. Some individuals develop psychotic-like symptoms e. Individuals with this disorder may feel more secure with transitional objects i. This type often behaves impulsively and manipulatively, needing constant approval and admiration from others, running around investing in new thing after new thing but never developing the self-confidence of a strong subjective perspective.

Horrible example: Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. Although they may not show it outwardly, criticism may haunt these individuals and may leave them feeling humiliated, degraded, hollow, and empty. They may react with disdain, rage, or defiant counterattack. Such experiences often lead to social withdrawal or an appearance of humility that may mask and protect the grandiosity.

These types are your typical conspiracy theorists; they cling deeply to their personal values and can find a conspiracy to assault or attack those values everywhere they look.

Because individuals with Paranoid Personality Disorder lack trust in others, they have an excessive need to be self-sufficient and a strong sense of autonomy. They also need to have a high degree of control over those around them. They are often rigid, critical of others, and unable to collaborate, although they have great difficulty accepting criticism themselves.

They may blame others for their own shortcomings. Because of their quickness to counterattack in response to the threats they perceive around them, they may be litigious and frequently become involved in legal disputes.

These types are socially incompetent for lack of trying, because they see little to no value in significant interaction with others.Is your sign naturally susceptible to delusions or emotional issues? Mental health is no joke. Anyone, no matter what their zodiac sign may be or what their horoscope says, can suffer from psychological issues. Physical problems also play a huge role — many mental issues can be traced back to something off-kilter in the physical body.

That said, some signs are thought to be more stable than others. Earth signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo tend to be well-grounded, while Fire signs Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo are known for problems with impulse control.

Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces frequently have emotional issues. This list is only based on the Sun sign, which is just a small part of a complete chart. Not even a fully detailed natal chart can reliably predict whether someone will fall victim to their own mind, though. Put down the astrology chart and go talk to a professional therapist. Serious and driven, this is the most rational of the signs. They love to be in control of any situationand that includes their own mind.

Problems are meant to be examined, experimented with, and solved. Taurus is territorial and seeks security. They can be a little paranoid when it comes to their personal space and belongings. When everything is going well, Taurus functions just fine, but if they perceive a threat real or imaginedtheir insecurities can get out of control. Aquarius is a humanitarian who wants to see progress on a global scale, and knows that sometimes the only way to achieve it is to push the envelope and make people uncomfortable.

Left alone, they could sink into an imaginary world, but Pisces is rarely alone long enough for this to happen. They live to give and receive emotional connections and support, and this helps keep them stable. Aries has a short fuse and little patience for subtleties. Their fierce independence makes it difficult for them to ask others for help and support. Gemini does tend to suffer from identity issues : their ego is so flexible, they depend on others to help them know who they are, and unfortunately this always changes from one social group to the next.

Virgo excels when allowed to hyper-focus on some research and data-gathering project, but their obsessive nature makes it difficult for them to find that focus in a messy environment. On bad days, Virgo is a nervous wreck. She now lives in Vancouver, Washington, with her husband, three cats, and a loudmouthed hyacinth macaw who loves to scare the cats.

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